What type of nail trimmer is best for thin nails?

Travel nail clippers compromise performance because of their space-saving ability and generally have a smaller blade opening and their slim design can be difficult to use, in addition to leaving a sharper edge on the nail. If you're picky about how your nails are presented to the world, you'd be better off buying a pair of finger and toe clippers separately. Green Bell G-1006 small nail clippers: Green Bell is the same group responsible for Seki Edge nail clippers; hence their similar appearance. These two nail clippers win the award for the best travel nail clippers in the continental United States.

If your toenails are particularly arched, gnarled, or covered with thick fungus, or are simply toenails that are too thick on a man's toes, then you'd be better off investing in a medical-grade plier (often called nail pliers). Use a straight-edged nail clipper if you like more square nails and a nail clipper with curved edges if you like rounder nails. It's part a pocket knife, part part a nail file, part a cuticle pusher, part a scissors and, of course, part a nail clipper. In fact, the evaluators were even able to hold the nail clippers with a clenched fist and continue to use them correctly.

Seki Edge Toe Nail Clipper (SS-10): Although it is called a toenail clipper, the curved blade makes it perfect for both fingers and toes. If you change your nail clipper from a set with blunt blades and lightweight levers to a super sharp, sturdy and ergonomic set, you can turn nail cutting from being a routine task to a ritual. In terms of size, the blades of swivel nail clippers are generally found between those of hand nail clippers and toenail clippers. When you pull the lever, the mouth of the nail clipper becomes twice as wide and the incredibly sharp blades shorten the work of the toenails that would otherwise require pliers to remove them.

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