What are the best dog nail cutters?

Epica Pet nail clippers, the best guillotine style. Original Resco Guillotine Nail Trimmer, Boshel Dog Trimmer and Nail Trimmer, Dremel Pet 7760 PawControl Pet Nail Polish Kit, Safari Professional Nail Trimmer Sometimes it's worth spending a little more on a high-quality nail clipper, as cheap nail clippers for dogs tend to wear out faster. A dog hair clipper with a sensor is perfect for owners who don't have experience cutting nails, but keep in mind that the sensor isn't a foolproof way to prevent them from being cut too much. You're not likely to alter the legs of a dozen dogs in a day, so your trimmer will stay sharp for much longer.

However, like Simply Pets, they feel that they won't be sharp and strong enough for a big dog's thick nails. If your dog weighs more than 60 to 70 pounds or has especially hard nails, this model has the strength needed to cut difficult nails. You should cut your dog's nails as often as necessary to maintain a healthy length and good nail condition. Trimming your dog's nails may not be your favorite part of raising pets (or your dog), but the right tools can make cutting those pointy claws stress-free for both of you.

Wiley backed up that experience by saying, “I've used large trimmers on small dogs when I had to, and it's almost like their nails were broken instead of being cut. There's also a nail protector, which is optional during the nail cutting process to prevent accidental cuts, although some critics have noted that it doesn't always stay in place. In addition, these nail clippers are not suitable for small dogs, which means that you can only cut the nails of medium-sized dogs. The Zen Clipper is an adjustable nail clipper for dogs that can be reconfigured to fit the nails of any breed of puppy.

With the right nail clipper, you'll have healthy legs that your dog will thank you with just a few safe cuts. So what are the best nail clippers for dogs to do this job? It all depends on what's easiest for you and your puppy.

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