What dog nail clippers do groomers use?

Akhmarova personally uses the Aussie Dog nail clipper: “They're small, precise and cut like butter,” she said. These nail clippers have high-quality stainless steel blades and are ideal for both large and small dogs, depending on the brand. The Zen Clipper is designed with a fully adjustable blade that controls the number of nails that are cut, allowing you to use the same nail clipper for dogs of different sizes, depending on the brand. To change the size of the blade, simply use the trimmer's toothed wheel, which adjusts the 2 millimeter blade in the narrowest position to 11 millimeters in the widest position.

My favorite nail clipper is the Millers Forge Large Dog nail clipper. This is a standard nail clipper with an open trim part, not a closed circle or guillotine style. This makes them easy to use and hold, plus they're made of surgical stainless steel and are sharp, so they cut efficiently. For cats, I like the Miller Forge pet nail clippers, they are similar but smaller.

Human nail clippers are the wrong shape for dog claws and may not be able to cut all of your dog's nails easily. There are three styles of nail clippers for dogs: pliers, guillotine and scissors, all designed to cut the tip of the nail. If your nail bleeds, apply cornstarch or flour to the tip of the nail and keep an eye on it to see if it stops. The ideal length for your dog's toenails is long enough that the nails almost touch the ground while walking.

Look for guillotine-type dog nail clippers shaped like pliers and choose ones with an ergonomic handle for greater ease and comfort. You should cut your dog's nails as often as necessary to maintain a healthy length and good nail condition. We also included a nail grinder below, which experts say can be a less stressful option if you're new to nail trimming. Safari dog nail clippers can help you avoid cutting your dog's nails too much and protect your dog quickly thanks to a side safety stop, depending on the brand.

If your dog weighs more than 60 to 70 pounds or has especially hard nails, this model has the strength needed to cut difficult nails. So what will happen if you don't cut your pet's nails regularly? Long nails can turn a healthy foot into an extended foot, which not only reduces your pet's traction, but can also cause the feet to deform and damage the tendons in the long term.

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