What type of material should the blades on my dog's nail trimmers be made from?

The best blade material for trimmers is usually stainless steel, as it stays sharp, doesn't rust and is strong. Some nail clippers for dogs are made entirely of metal, but most of these nail clippers have plastic handles. A nail file or a motorized grinder can be used to smooth a nail and maintain its optimal length, minimizing the frequency of use of the nail clipper. Keep in mind that nail clipping equipment for dogs can wear out over time, so if you're investing in a more expensive product, make sure you can keep the blade sharp.

Trimming a dog's nails at home, rather than visiting a vet or groomer, can be cost-effective if done correctly. As a long-retired poodle hairdresser who was willing to go far to treat my clients with respect and love, I ALWAYS crushed their nails with my old fashioned Dremel, held them close to my arm and rested when the nails started to get hot, their nails were always short, the veins retracted and I never resorted to a nail clipper. Nails that are too long can cause uneven weight distribution, extended feet, mobility problems and, in extreme cases, the nail may even grow to form the foot pad. For dogs with white nails, the fast one may be pink and visible, but for dogs with darker colored nails, the fast one may be more difficult to see with the naked eye.

Because friction will cause the sanding bands on the nail grinder to wear out over time, be sure to buy dog nail grinders that are sold with replacement bands. Like all guillotine nail clippers, this Resco model has a hole that indicates where to place the nail and, when the handle is squeezed, an internal blade comes out to cut the nail. For dogs with clear nails, identify the fast one, which is the nerve and blood vessels in the dog's nail. A dog nail grinder can be used instead of a nail clipper for some dogs, and some humans find the experience more accessible, especially when they start.

A nail protector provides a small hole through which you can insert your dog's nail, which will help protect your puppy's legs from the rough, rotating parts of the grinder.

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