What type of nail clipper is best for thick nails?

It takes so little pressure to cut your nails and the cut is so smooth that you won't have to deal with split nails because of your weak nail clippers. The rest of the nail clipper can be made of a mix of metals or plastic, but the most important thing is that the blade that cuts the nails is made of stainless steel or titanium. These special nail clippers have a very sharp and special blade for directly cutting the nail like a butt. As Molly Romah, Chillhouse's principal nail technician, points out, this means they're great for thick nails.

In addition, investing in a good nail clipper can make a difference, from refining the ideal shape of your nails to getting a nice and clean cut. A pair of nail clippers is an essential item in the medicine cabinet, whether you prefer to do your nails at home or if you need to cut them between the manis and the pedis. Use a straight-edged nail clipper if you like more square nails and a nail clipper with curved edges if you like rounder nails. If you change your nail clipper from a set with blunt blades and lightweight levers to a super sharp, sturdy and ergonomic set, you can turn nail cutting from being a routine task to a ritual.

These low-cost nail clippers are compact and effective, and come with a nail file and a removable nail catcher. However, if you're prone to incarnations, experts suggest a nail clipper with a straight edge, as tilting the sides of the nail with a curved nail clipper can encourage the nail to grow into the skin. Trimming a baby's nails can be a difficult task, so instead of nail scissors, Strategist writer Lauren Ro uses these “intuitive nail clippers”.

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