What type of guard should the blades on my dog's nail trimmers have?

The (safety) protector is a safety bar and plays a very important role. It's supposed to keep you from cutting your dog's nails too much. These scissor-type nail clippers are made with sharp stainless steel blades to cut thicker nails in medium and large dogs, depending on the brand. The built-in safety stop can help prevent you from cutting your dog's nails too short, and the lock switch on the handle can help you store the nail clipper safely, Boshel says.

The nail clippers also come with a nail file that is stored inside the handle. The JW Pet Grip Soft Soft Deluxe medium sized pet nail clipper is a great choice for small dogs with small or fine nails. The sharp blade cuts through your thick nails easily and smoothly, without breaking or chipping them. Some nail clippers make a loud click that can frighten a nervous dog, but Bissell nail clippers are extremely quiet.

Dark toenails on dogs can be more difficult, but you can look at the shape of the nail to get an idea of where it is. For example, nail clippers for large dogs should cut hard nails easily and effectively, and small nail clippers should be the right size for smaller nails. A nail grinder for dogs is an electrical tool that allows you to exercise greater control over the amount you remove. To measure long-term durability, I continued to use the highest-rated nail clippers for trimming my own dog's nails (the miniature poodle).

I like helping dog parents find unique ways to do things that save them 26% of time, so I write about tips and tricks for “innovative” dogs that most people wouldn't think of. For example, dogs that exercise a lot or go for a walk a lot (especially on concrete) tend to wear out their nails, so they may need to cut them less frequently. We spoke with Edmond and veterinarian Melissa Smits, a partner at the Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic in Colorado, about the most common questions about cutting a dog's nails. They beat the Andis nail clippers for having a more comfortable grip handle and a better price, and they beat the Safari trimmers because of their superior grip handle and the fact that Bissell offers a one-year limited warranty and Safari doesn't.

Guillotine nail clippers cut with less force than you need with plier clippers, but they're not as strong, so don't choose them for dogs with very large or very thick nails. It also comes with a clear nail protector, which allows you to trim your nail at a 45-degree angle in a more controlled way, Dremel says. Be careful because a dog's nails can get caught in these types of nail clippers and, if they come off, they can be damaged or their nail torn off. I liked the variety of sanding bands and discs that come in the Dremel kit, but what stands out most about the product are the safety nail protector and the leg guide, which helped me achieve a good nail cutting angle.

Kratt noted that “you beat up your dog while you cut his nails so he can get more used to it.”.

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